Office of the Provost
Petition for Approval of Study Abroad
  • This form is for students intending to study abroad for a full semester and transferring credits to their UArts degree program.
  • Refer to the Course Catalogue for guidelines regarding study abroad transfer credits and for financial aid information.
  • After taking classes, request that an official transcript be sent from the offering institution to UArts at the following address: Office of the Registrar, 320 S Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
Student Information
Last Name: First Name:
Student ID: Major or Program:
Expected Date of Graduation:
What semester would you like to study abroad?
Include each of the following topics in your essay:
  1. What is the source of your interest in pursuing studies abroad?
  2. What do you believe to be the importance or significance of studying abroad?
  3. Provide a description of your studies to date within your chosen major and articulate why you believe
    that your interests will be enhanced by attending your chosen Study Abroad program.
  4. What are your expectations regarding living and studying abroad in the country that will be hosting you?
  5. How will studying abroad impact you personally, academically, and in your career choices?
Course Information:
  • If the courses taken differ from those approved on this form, the student must re-petition to have the credits approved.
Institution Name:
UArts Distribution or Required Course:# of CreditsCourse # AcceptedTitle # of Credits
Additional Comments:
  • The approval of the student's School Director is required if any of the courses will transfer towards major or elective credits.
  • The approval of the Dean of Liberal Arts is required if any of the courses will transfer towards Liberal Arts credits.
Office of the Registrar:
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